Ring Power

Ring Power Corporation Milestones

1947 - L.C. Ringhaver leaves Cleveland, Ohio for St. Augustine where he begins working at Diesel Engine Sales Company (DESCO)

1952 - L.C. Ringhaver and business partner James Melton purchase DESCO

1957 - L.C. Ringhaver becomes the sole owner of DESCO

1961 - Caterpillar Tractor Company appoints L.C. Ringhaver as a Cat engine dealer

1962 - Ring Power Corporation becomes a full-line Caterpillar dealer

1973 - Ring Power moves corporate headquarters to a new facility on Phillips Highway   in Jacksonville, Florida

1974 - Ring Power Lift Trucks, the forklift division, is formed

1974 - Ring Power establishes a Used Equipment department

1976 - Lance Ringhaver named president following the passing of L.C. Ringhaver

1983 - Ring Power enters the compressed air industry in conjunction with Sullair

1986 - Ringhaver Equipment Company formed as Cat dealer for Central Florida territory

1987 - Ring Used Parts Division is formed

1989 - Ring Rent Division formed to serve short-term equipment rental market

1990 - Power Systems Division is formed

1993 - Ring Power Crane Division formed

1994 - Ring Power and Thompson Machinery purchased Forke Brothers Auctioneers

1997 - Forke Credit Corporation is established to finance equipment purchases

1999 - Ring Power and Thompson Machinery exit the equipment auction business with sale of Forke Brothers to Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers

2001 - Ringhaver Equipment Company establishes Cat Entertainment Services

2002 - Agricultural Equipment Division formed

2002 - Forke Credit Corporation is sold to Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation

2003 - Lance Ringhaver retires at the end of December 2003

2004 - Ring Power and Ringhaver Equipment Company merge

2004 - Ring Power acquires what is now known as Phoenix Products

2005 - Ring Power, Mustang, Finning and Fabick Caterpillar dealerships enter into a sales and service agreement establishing a global venture named PipeLine Machinery International

2005 - Ring Power Corporation opens new corporate headquarters in St. Augustine

2011 - Ring Power Truck Centers Division formed

2012 - Ring Power celebrates 50th anniversary as a full-line Caterpillar dealer

2014 - Ring Power signs an agreement with Caterpillar Global Mining LLC ("CGM"),   acquiring the distribution and support business of the former line of Bucyrus Mining Products acquired by Caterpillar in July 2011.

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