Heavy Equipment Technician Training

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Heavy Equipment Technician Training for Ring Power Customers

Technician Training

Technician training is available for Ring Power customers of every skill level. We offer training on the fundamental systems on Cat® machines and engines as well as more advanced training to help you service and maintain your equipment. Below is an overview of those services.



DIESEL ENGINE FUNDAMENTALS - Course # 41836 | Technicians will learn diesel engine theory, operation, systems, components, and their functions. Participants will be expected to perform key tasks during classroom and lab sessions as presented in the course.

POWERTRAIN FUNDAMENTALS - Course # 41837 | Technicians will learn basic powertrain system operations, the competencies required to complete basic service procedures (preventive maintenance), and how to remove and install powertrain systems and components on Cat® Equipment.

HYDRAULIC FUNDAMENTALS - Course # 41838 | Technicians will gain foundational knowledge of basic hydraulic systems, the competencies required to complete basic service procedures (preventive maintenance), and how to remove and install hydraulic systems and components on Cat® Equipment.

ELECTRICAL FUNDAMENTALS - Course # 41840 | Technicians will receive an educational overview of electrical theory and application.

AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS CERTIFICATION (MACS)- Course # 41877 | Technicians will gain the competencies required for the service or repair of air conditioning systems fitted to heavy equipment.

INTRODUCTION TO CAT® ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN (Cat® ET) - Course # 52753 | Technicians will learn the capabilities of Cat® ET software and how to use it.

Contact us for details on course offerings, locations, and dates.



REGIONAL DEALER LEARNING CENTER (RDLC) | As a partner with Caterpillar, Ring Power serves as a Regional Dealer Learning Center to offer hands-on experience with Cat® engines and equipment, including the most advanced electro-hydraulic and electronically controlled engine systems. We limit class size, so each individual receives appropriate attention and coaching. 

CATERPILLAR CUSTOMER CAMPUS (CATERPILLAR) UNIVERSITYPreviously known as Caterpillar University, Caterpillar Customer Campus offers on-line, on-demand training for our customers. Easily launch videos, interactive training, virtual simulations, a resource library and much more, all with the click of a mouse. 

If you are a Ring Power customer with a Caterpillar Customer Campus account, log in here:  CATERPILLAR CUSTOMER CAMPUS 

Contact us at CustTraining@RingPower.com or fill out the form below to learn how you can get a Caterpillar Customer Campus account.

Technicians will receive hands-on training on Cat® equipment

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