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Caterpillar Regional Dealer Learning Center


Ring Power is proud to be a Caterpillar Regional Dealer Learning Center (RDLC). A Regional Dealer Learning Center operates as an extension of Caterpillar’s Learning Center within the assigned District / Region of operation. Participating dealers are required by Caterpillar to evaluate their training aids, training facilities, and dealer instructors every 2 years to ensure they stay current with Caterpillar’s service training offerings. 


Other Training Resources:

Caterpillar Customer Campus (Caterpillar University) 

Previously known as Caterpillar University, Caterpillar Customer Campus offers on-line, on-demand training for our customers. Easily launch videos, interactive training, virtual simulations, a resource library and much more, all with the click of a mouse. If you are a Ring Power customer with a Caterpillar Customer Campus account, log in here:  CATERPILLAR CUSTOMER CAMPUS 


Caterpillar Performance Handbook

The Caterpillar Performance Handbook has been an essential tool for Cat equipment owners for 50+ years and includes specifications, weights, lengths, and other information for Cat machines. Please note the performance information provided is estimation purposes only. Your work environment or conditions can affect equipment operation. When combined with your experience, safety training, and knowledge of local conditions, the Caterpillar Performance Handbook, can help assist in optimal machine performance. Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Always refer to the appropriate Operation and Maintenance Manual for specific product information.

Download the PDF handbook to access machine information.


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